Cutting Edge Lawn Care for Plaistow and the Merrimack Valley serving all your landscaping needs

Servicing every type of property including commercial, condominium, and residential through out the year.

Merrimack Valley, Andover and Plaistow Lawn Mowing and weed crab grass control
Lawn Mowing, greener lawn and landscaping for Plaistow and Merrimack Valley

Lawn Mowing, Weed Control, Grass Fertilization for the Merrimack Valley and Plaistow

Merrimack Valley and Plaistow Landscaping, Fertilization, weed, tick and crabgras control and lawn care

Lawn care, Spring Clean ups and mowing for Plaistow , Methuen, Merrimac and Haverhill

Fertilization and Weed Control for Plaistow and the Merrimack Valley

Plaistow Lawn Fertilization, grub, tick and weed control

Spring Clean up, Fertilization, Lawn Maintenance and landscaping for Plaistow and the Merrimack Valley

Landscaping, Mowing and Lawn Care Service Areas

Mowing, Fertilization and lawn service for Plaistow and the Merrimack Valley

Contact Us for Landscaping and Lawn Care needs in Plaistow, Merrimac, Bradford and the Merrimack Valley

Crab Grass, Ticks, Weed control and fertilization for the Merrimac valley including Plaistow , Georgetown and surrounding areas
Lawn care, Snow Plowing, Spring Clean ups and Fall Clean Ups for Plaistow , Bradford and the Merrimack Valley
Plaistow , Merrimac, and Andover Lawn care, grass fertilization mowing and landscaping
Let us make your lawn greener and do your spring clean up

Welcome to Cutting Edge Lawn Service

We are a family owned and operated company that provides lawn care services and landscaping for residential, condos and commercial clients in Plaistow , NH and through out the Merrimack Valley. Cutting Edge Lawn Service is committed to providing excellent quality and service with a personal touch to its customers at a fair price.

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Lawn care, mowing, spring clean ups, Pre-Emergent and landscaping in the Merrimack Valley, Plaistow , Merrimac, Bradford, North Andover ..etc
Landscaping, fertilization, lawn care, spring clean ups, Leave removal, commercial snow plowing and removal services
Let us take care of your lawn maintenance needs!  We will keep your property looking great and help keep your lawn greener all season long!!
We provide a full range of property maintainance services including Snow Plowing and removal, Spring Clean Ups, Landscaping and Fertilization in Plaistow, NH
We provide a full range of property maintenance and landscaping services in Plaistow, NH.
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Plaistow NH and the Merrimack Valley Spring Clean up and Fall Clean up services
Spring is here! Sign up for our Plaistow Spring clean-up and Fertilization services. Dethatching, Aeration ....
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Landscaping, Lawn care, Winter Services and Fertilization programs in Plaistow , Andover and the Merrimack Valley
Plaistow , Andover, Georgetown Greener lawn, Landscaping and spring clean ups

We accept Master Card and Visa for all your Plaistow , NH Landscaping, Fertilization, and Spring clean up needs  

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We provide weekly mowing programs to help keep your lawn and property beautiful that includes:

Landscaping, Mowing and Lawn Care services for Plaistow , Haverhill, Andover and entire Merrimack Valley Mowing all lawn areas
Winter Services, Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Sanding, and Ice control for Parking lots in southern NH, Plaistow, Bradford, Groveland, Georgetown and entire Merrimack Valley Edging all sidewalks and driveways
Lawn Mowing, Landscaping, Fertilization in Plaistow, Haverhill, Bradford and entire Merrimack Valley area and Souther NH Blowing all paved areas clean of clippings

Each week our mowing crew will maintain your Plaistow lawn to keep it looking its best. We  use state of the art  commercial grade equipment to leave a perfect cut every time and we take pride in our work to ensure  it is done right every time! Contact us today for your Plaistow NH landscaping needs!
Plaistow Fertilization for a greener lawn, landscaping and lawn care services
Plaistow Commercial Snow Removal and Plowing
Parking Lot Snow Removal, plowing, sanding, and ice control for Plaistow , Methuen, Atkinson, Haverhill, and nearby areas Plaistow Spring Clean-Ups
Merrimack Valley grass mowing, lawn care, landscapers in Plaistow NH and local region Pre-Emergent -- Help prevent crabgrass
Leave removal, fall clean up, spring clean up, Pre-Emergent, overseeding, remove leaves in Plaistow and the Merrimack valley area Mulching protect your plants, keep weeds down, retain water, as well as curb appeal
Providing lawn care, fertilization, Pre-Emergent, mowing, dethatching, aeration landscaping and winter services Weekly/semi weekly services
Let us do the mulching, spring clean up, Aeration, dethatching and mowing in Plaistow, NH.!
Time for Spring Clean Ups, dethatching, core aeration, fertilization, and overseeding!
Sanding, Snow plowing, ice, snow removal for condominiums, condos, and parking lots

Fertilization, dethatching, core aeration and Landscaping Programs for Plaistow, Georgetown and Southern NH  

Cutting Edge Lawn Services

Landscaping, lawn care, spring clean-up, Fall clean-up, snow plowing, dethatching, aeration, fertilization and weed control services for the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH. including Haverhill, Andover, North Andover, Methuen Bradford, West Newbury, Newburyport, Newbury, Groveland, Georgetown, Amesbury, Boxford, Merrimac, Plaistow, Salem, and Atkinson